Frequently, people struggling with problems in life are reluctant to seek help. After all, it is their mind, and who can know it better than they can? While this is true, it is often the case that what is needed is “stepping outside of oneself”, to gain a different perspective and think along unexpected lines. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to accomplish on one’s own. Well, say some, then why not simply talk to friends or significant others? While being potentially a terrific source of support, people close to us are, however, too involved in our lives to be able to challenge our mode of being and help us work on it. Besides, some specific psychological problems, such as fears, serious depression, and trauma symptoms, are best handled under the guidance of a knowledgeable clinician (i.e., a psychologist / psychotherapist).

I am a psychotherapist licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey, with offices in midtown Manhattan and Tenafly, NJ (Bergen County). In my practice, I treat adults and adolescents, and work with both individuals and couples. I also provide family therapy and parenting guidance.

I treat anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including consequences of sexual and physical abuse. I also work with people whose issues are not easily captured by a diagnosis.

I am fully bilingual (English/Russian) and practice therapy in both languages.

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